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 Post subject: post Forf Sunday funfest
PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:49 pm 
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Lots of players today. Including Emilio's flying circus of 12 new guys. That makes administration challenging. But more on that later.

When I got to the Obstacle, behold, sand people, including Sand Jesus. I am both pleased and scared every time we are blessed with his grace, because it's like fighting the Kurgan, from the years of my first watervolleyball battles (which very much resembled today's action):

One of my favorite lines from today on a blown play was to hear the sandy savior say, "I had the option of pounding the ball down on Chief's head, or letting the play die on it's own." The response from his team was, "what choice to make depends on what the score is"

Thank you, since I'm immortal, I'll be here for eons.

Worse, SJ was teamed with Dub in the first games. That's a very dynamic duo. And their team just got better when they got actual setters on their side--New York and Navy, who are better with their technical skills than yours truly. And Joel also adds an extra hitting option, along with Baby Bruce. They were heading towards dynasty. Someone must stop them, but who?

I was very very ready to sit that game in favor of Javi, because he brings more to the table on paper for the team. Taller on a team that lacked height, younger, and we already had setters. An epic battle of rock paper scissors ensued to see who would play. I prevailed. As did our team, somewhat surprisingly.

Notables were Jess taking on the Divine Sander and prevailing on occasion. The Dynasty Deniers then went on their own dynastic path, which was largely successful, if memory serves.

I played with Jess Ford basically all day, which means it must've been opposite day, because they are usually opponents. The day went kind of like this:

Haven't seen much dancing at the pool besides me back in the day an Tbone now. Emilio filled that void. Interesting cat. Lotta heart. We shared our culture with his crew all afternoon...

They will have to learn to play 1-2 at a time, rather than in bunches. Closest they got was running up an 6-1 lead in last game of the day.

What I saw today is a little bit of lack of focus. You get a lead, you keep that lead. Don't let up. If you do, it's hard to get the energy back. Case in point. Taz reintroduced Mikey's 1 inch pass, a play that I had hoped was banned to perdition long long ago. Focus not fuckus people.

On an administrative note, we were hoping for Dub Sand Jesus captains about 1/3 of the way through the day, but that couldn't happen. Too many people and the competing shirt system. My allegiance is to the Panda Republic, to democracy, which is good only because every other system is worse. A wee bit of chicanery today with shirts and nexts. I am only one chief, so I let it go, but will file this protest with the league office nonetheless. The first one that pissed off Javi will require extensive litigation that could take years to resolve. What I will say is that Javi was provided with several equitable settlement offers that he did not accept. So off to trial we go, maybe with a ruling by the end of the year... The second one was clearly naughty. You don't skip people for our own benefit. If you're thinking it's our due, think about if it happened to you. It's akin to the folks who lose and won't accept the outcome, and demand to play again. Rules are rules, Pandas.

Other notables: New York had a good day, Scully had a good day, Kyle had a good day. Jarrod had his moments. Joe had some good serves. Georgie is underused as a hitter.

Proud to play with all of you. Be patient with the new guys. Remember Navy FAP program. Let's ID a couple of the good ones, and invite them into the mix.

In closing, one riot, one Chief:


Death from above! Fire down below!

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